Happy Haunts: The Scariest Rides in the Park

There are some rides in the park that are supposed to have a scary side to them, like The Haunted Mansion. Honestly, the Haunted Mansion isn't that scary. I've never had to shut my eyes on that attraction. I've never screamed. I've never buried my head in my friend's shoulder to hide. None of that. But there are some rides in the park that have caught me off guard and scared the crown right off of my head.

Working as a cast member, I would sometimes hop on a ride or two before my shift began. I remember one gorgeous LA summer day before work, I decided to go to Fantasyland for a stroll. The Scary Adventures of Snow White had no wait, so I chose that as my quick ride of the day. Looking back at this moment now, I should have gotten the hint from the name of the ride. I had been on it before but always with a friend or 2. Please, for the love of Mickey, don't get on this ride alone. There are dark corners, creepy music, possessed trees slashing down at you with their big branch hands, and worst of all theres an evil witch around every curve who gets WAY too close to your vehicle. It was terrifying. My beautiful sunny day was extremely juxtaposed to the terrors I had just experienced and I still brace myself on this ride every time.

The last renovation of the Matterhorn was an exciting time for me. Despite the bumpy track that sometimes leave me with a back cramp and a headache, I still love those bobsleds. It had been closed for so long that when it opened again it was the first thing that I wanted to get on. That first time back in the Matterhorn was nuts. I didn't open my eyes once. Missed the whole new Yeti and everything. I was so excited to get on that I sat in the front of the bobsled, not realizing that the entire first 20 seconds of the ride is in total darkness. THEN you hear loud roars and see the yeti behind a wall of ice stomping around to find you. Eyes shut. NO THANKS! On my next trip I held my head high and kept my eyes open. No mountain monster was going to conquer this Queen! But when I saw how life-like the new yeti was I almost fainted from screaming so loud. Sheesh.

Lastly is Finding Nemo's Submarine Voyage. I know...I know...kids love this one. I've just come to understand, with Disneyland's help, that I have a phobia of the dark. Even more specifically, I have a phobia of dark water. If you do too, this ride isn't for you. ESPECIALLY NOT AT NIGHT! Don't do it! The scenes with the mines, the jellyfish, and most importantly the angler fish (the one with the pretty light that Dory followed...I honestly haven't seen it since the ride opened in 2007 because I ALWAYS close my eyes) will almost drive you to madness. Don't put yourself through that kind of torture.

At the end of the day, I really might just be a big baby. But you know what? I want to keep my heart rate under control while in The Kingdom and if a little public service announcements helps you to do the same, then I am here to serve you, my friend.

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